• Leave the bandage on your tattoo for a half an hour to two hours after your appointment has been finished.
  • Wash your hands prior to removing bandage. Immediately wash tattoo with warm water and Anti-Bacterial soap, we recommend Dial (any unscented and dye free soap will do). Repeat until tattoo is no longer slimy or glazed. (Do not use washcloth on tattoo until completely healed.)
  • Pat or dab, do not rub, until tattoo is dry. Allow tattoo to air for at least 10 minutes.  Apply a very light film of ointment, we recommend Bepanthen. DO NOT RE-BANDAGE THE TATTOO. Repeat the cleaning procedure 2-3 times per day.
  • Remember to use freshly washed hands to clean the tattoo and re-apply ointment. After the first seven days, stop using the ointment. Choose a fragrance-free lotion or cream, we recommend Lubriderm. Apply to tattoo at least 3 times per day, or more often if needed. Remember to rub the lotion or cream in thoroughly, and always use freshly washed hands. Repeat this procedure until the tattoo is no longer dry or shiny.
  • Do not soak tattoo in water (bathing or swimming) for at least 2 weeks or until healed. Do not expose tattoo to sunlight for at least 2 weeks or until tattoo is healed.
  • To preserve your tattoo, once it is healed, apply sun block to tattoo if it will be exposed to the sun.
  • If you work out (esp. cardiovascular or aerobic) take some time off. Profuse sweating has the same effect on new tattoos as soaking in water. Wear loose clothing that can allow your healing tattoo to breathe.
  • Do not pick at or scratch new tattoos. This will cause damage to the design. If it itches, apply more lotion or cream.
  • Average healing time is 7-14 days.